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Baiting for Roaches with MaxForce Roach Bait

Baiting for Roaches with MaxForce Roach Bait




When placing baits for cockroach control, consider three vital characteristics of cockroaches. They need food, water and shelter to survive.

Cockroaches generally forage randomly at night, using their antennae to sense and smell food. Thus, cockroaches are much more likely to find the bait if it is in or close to harborages from which they emerge and between shelter, water, and food sources. Keep in mind that cockroaches live as close as possible to food sources.

Residential Bait Placement Guide for Maxforce Roach Killer Bait Gel and FC Bait Stations

Before applying any insecticide always read the label on the container and follow the directions carefully.

This guide typical application sites for Maxforce FC Roach Killer Bait Stations and Roach Killer Bait Gel in a residential setting. Please note, the key to eliminating cockroaches is to place Maxforce bait as close as possible to roach harborages. This guide is not meant to replace a thorough visual inspection when determining the best location(s) to place Maxforce baits.

In most locations, bait stations and gel placements can be used interchangeably. Having both products available gives you the flexibility to apply the most appropriate product to each specific site. Keep the following advantages of each bait form in mind when determining the most appropriate product for eachenvironment.

FC Bait Stations

  • Offer greater protection of bait from contamination by cleaning products, other pesticides or by dust and dirt, resulting in longer, effective residual control.

  • Provide more bait per placement than gel for heavily infested areas. (1.5 gms per station vs. 0.5 gms. (high rate) for gel)

  • Easier to inspect and monitor feeding activity

  • Can be dated for easy monitoring (write date on bottom label, or use a grease pencil to date the top of stations - Maxforce FC bait stations will remain effective for up to one year or until the bait is completely consumed).

Bait Gel

  • Can be placed directly into small cracks, crevices, and voids that harbor roaches.

  • Easy to hide so guest will not see bait placements

  • Can be applied in very small size bait placement, if necessary. Smaller, more frequent gel placements provide faster control than larger, less frequent placements.

  • Offers lower cost per placement than bait stations.

General Maxforce Baiting Tips

  • Apply bait in areas of greatest insect activity - inside the harborage or within 10-12 inches of the harborage or travel route.

  • If a bait placement is completely consumed, reapply bait in the same spot. Roaches leave behind secretions and droppings to attract other roaches to good food sources and to safe harborages.

  • Maxforce FC bait stations act as monitoring devices as well as control agents. Inspect bait stations the same way you would inspect a rodent bait station. Look for evidence of bait consumption and droppings to verify activity and identify problem areas.

  • Be careful not to contaminate Maxforce FC bait stations with conventional pesticides or cigarette smoke, which can reduce bait acceptance. Make sure the Maxforce resealable containers are, in fact, sealed to keep the bait fresh and protected from contamination.

  • Store Maxforce gel in a moderate temperature range. The gel will start to liquefy at temperatures below -10 degrees or above 140 degrees Fahrenheit. When returned to a moderate temperature range, the gel will regain its normal consistency with no lost effectiveness.

  • Gel may stain textiles and some porous surfaces. Place gel directly into cracks and crevices or hard to see areas where a slight stain will not cause a problem.

How Much Maxforce is Needed for Residential Control

The number of bait placements required per residence depends upon the size of each home or apartment, the severity of the infestation plus the amount of clutter and alternative food sources available. An average of 12 strategic placements per residence normally provide excellent control and a range of anywhere from 5-20 placements per residence is typical.

Non-Residential Placements of Maxforce

Although this placement guide focuses on residential placements of Maxforce Roach Killer products, please note that both the FC Bait Stations and Gel are broadly labeled for non-residential use as well. 


FC Bait Station Placements

  • Refrigerator - Between refrigerator and nearby appliance, such as the dishwasher.

  • Sink - Alongside pipe collar where drainpipe enters the wall

  • Cupboards - Flush mounted against. an upper corner

  • Other appliances - Behind microwave, toaster, blender, coffee maker, etc.

  • Floor placements - underneath dishwasher and/or oven

Gel Placements

  • Drawers - Alongside the interior of the door frame.

  • Cupboards - Underneath selected cupboards where frame meets wall

  • Counter - Underneath counter where sink is located

  • Fume or Vent-a-Hood - Along the inside rear corner of hood
    (ensure no gel will drip onto stove top)


Bait Station Placements

  • Toilet - Mounted on upper rear corner of tank

  • Lower Cabinets - Flush mounted against an upper corner

  • Sink - Alongside pipe collar where drainpipe enters the wall

Gel Placements

  • Sink - Upward angle into the overflow drain

  • Condensation Surfaces - Places where condensation can build up such as top of door frame, top medicine cabinet and alongside decorations.

Other Rooms (Indoors)

Bait Station Placements

  • Closets - Flush mounted against an upper corner or door trim.

  • Appliances - Behind television, stereo, computer monitor, fish tank, wall clocks, light fixtures, etc.

  • Dressers - Flush mounted in corner alongside the interior of the drawer frame

  • Furniture - Under base of couch and/or bed where crumbs accumulate

  • Utility Room/Area - Underneath hot water heater and/or adjacent to washing machine

  • Garage - Flush mounted to door frame where roaches can enter residence

Gel Placements

  • Interior piping - Around all exposed interior pipe channels
    (such as hot water heater inlet)


Gel Placements

  • Rain Gutters - Apply in seam between rain gutters and roof

  • Attic & Soffit Vents - Between air vent holes

  • Siding - Under siding/molding

  • Exposed pipes - Around all exterior pipe collars or where pipe enters wall.

  • Also - In brick weep holes, in window cracks and crevices, around decks and stairs, around the intake vents of air conditioning units.

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