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Biozyme System


Biozyme Sanitation System

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Easily remove the organic gunk that builds in drains. Improve drain line flow and remove odors by spraying or foaming Biozyme directly into the drain.



Spraying underneath equipment and hard to reach areas is a critical step in the cleaning process.



Industrial rubber mats hold on to large amounts of organic debris. Spray them with Biozyme to remove build-up. Your mats will look and smell like new.


 The case for Biozyme.

 Cleaning and sanitation is critical to effective pest control. Even though we understand the important role it plays, we often don’t have the time to do it properly. Our goal with Biozyme is to simplify this process, by providing a single material that will keep commercial food areas free of organic scum and debris. Biozyme makes it easy. Stop scrubbing and put the power of bacteria and enzymes to work.

 How does Biozyme work?

Biozyme is a completely natural product that you can feel confident using in your customer accounts. Utilizing a process called bio-augmentation Biozyme accelerates the natural breakdown of starches, fats, oils, greases, papers, and vegetable fibers. The build up of these materials are what cause the scum and sludge prevalent in busycommercial food areas. Biozyme proactively digests these materials without the need for scrubbing. Additionally, it works on urine, a key issue facing anyone with high traffic washrooms.

 What makes Biozyme different?

 When creating Biozyme we went back to the drawing board, and spent a great deal of time field testing the formula in order to deliver a single versatile material that you can rely on for your daily cleaning activities. Our highly targeted bacteria strains, and surfactant blend make a potent combo that rapidly degrades unwanted organic scum and debris. Biozyme’s triple action formula allows it to be foamed directly out of the bottle, sprayed, oradded to mop water. Biozyme is most effective as a concentrate, but it can also be diluted. Delivering great results, at a lower cost.

Where to use Biozyme.

Perfect for restaurants, bars, nursing homes, food manufacturing facilities, bathrooms, schools, hospitals, breweries, distilleries, bakeries, deli’s, movie theatres, homes.One material can do it all.

 Ways to apply Biozyme

 Biozyme’s unique triple action formula lends itself to three key methods of application.

 Biozyme Quart & Gallon

 A unique triple action formula. Biozyme is available as a read to use concentrate in quart and gallon sizes.

 Industrial Foamer /Sprayer

The 1.5 gallon sprayer uses a dual feed supply hose that blends air and liquid to produce the consistency of product you need. Spray, fan spray, or foam.

 Floor & Drain Brush Kit

The Floor & Drain Brush Kit, features a 4” commercial bristle brush, a heavy duty 33” handle, 8” grout brush, and a spatula scraper perfect for initial clean-outs. 

1. Spray

Use a 50/50 mixture to spray: walls, under kitchen equipment, baseboards, floor mats, & dumpsters.


2. Foam

Foam using our industrial foamer un-diluted to: Floor & sink drains, drink lines, exposed cracks and voids.


3. Mop

Add 4 to 6 ounces per gallon of mop water as your last cleaning step of the day.

Allow to stand overnight (do not rinse). As an added benefit it will clean and deodorize your mops.



 What’s left after applying Biozyme?

 The peace of mind that comes from cleaner food service areas. 




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