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Victor Professional Mouse Snap Traps 72 Traps

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The Victor (Wooden) Professional Mouse Traps

Box of 72 Mouse Traps

When other snap traps "just don't work"

These do!

  • Extended trigger for unsurpassed results
  • Forget the imitations!

    There is no better mouse trap. I have been using these Victor traps for more than 40 years 

These traps are not the same as the ones you see at most stores, they may look alike, but believe me, these are much better.

Not all snap traps are created equal. Some poorly made snap traps will often break when they go off, are ineffective due to flaws or are not sensitive enough to catch small or cautious mice. Pest Management Professionals recommend this Victor® easy-set expanded trigger snap trap. The expanded trigger offered by the yellow plastic trigger pan makes for a better surface area to capture small mice, plus it has two setting options; "S" for sensitive and "F" for firm. The holes in the pan allow for peanut butter to be placed, plus there is a small area to place chunk type baits. No name inexpensive traps are a waste of money.

Prebait the trap without setting it, when you see the mouse has licked off the bait, SET THE TRAP!!

B I N G O!!

Careful, watch your fingers!

Place the trap where your child or Pet cannot get to it!

Rodents enter a home through holes the size of a dime and run along walls, not over open spaces.

1. Place mouse traps perpendicular to the wall.

2. Place mouse traps out unset for a few days so rodents can become familiar with it.

3. Place mouse traps where rodent activity is seen (sign of chewing, droppings, runway, burrow).

4. Leave mouse traps undisturbed for at least two days before moving to a new location.

5. Check mouse traps daily and replace as needed.

6. Wear gloves when disposing of rodent.

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