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STUF FIT 100 Ft Roll

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 Product Description

STUF-FIT is a copper mesh used for sealing insect or rodent entry points. It can be used in all kinds of openings to keep out all kinds of pests. Prevent Rodent's, Small birds, bat's, bee's and other insect's from entering through small openings. When tightly packed into a gap, crack or weep hole, the copper mesh resists being pulled out.

  • Exclusion is easier.

  • This is a permanent product because it is pure copper. It's interlocked loops can't be pulled apart like steel wool. You can tack it, staple it or glue it into hard to get at openings.

  • Outside and inside rodent, bird, bat, bee and insect "Exclusion" is very simple in most cases. Pest control companies may charge several hundreds of dollars for this type of service. Small holes in need of repair can easily be patched with Stuffit Copper Wool.

  • Stuffit Copper Wool works better than steel wool because of the way it is woven. This weave pattern works great for rodents, because it tends to get caught in the rodents teeth making it hard for them to chew through or remove.

  • Stuffit Copper Wool will not rust, so rust stains on brick or wood siding are never a concern as it is with regular steel wool. A small amount of Stuffit Copper Wool placed in weep holes, pipe chases, etc. that are smaller than 2" will help to keep rodents and other pests out. Larger holes should be fixed or repaired properly with quality building materials.

  • Rolls are sold in quantities of 100 feet. Each roll is 6 inches wide, double folded for durability.

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