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Cy Kick CS pint

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Cy-Kick CS is labeled for use in and around nearly every site imaginable including: Apartments, Campgrounds, Food Storage Areas, Homes, Hospitals, Hotels, Meat Packing Plants, Food Processing Plants, Motels, Nursing Homes, Resorts, Restaurants and other Food Handling Establishments, Schools, Supermarkets, Transportation Equipment such as Buses, Boats, Ships, Trains, Planes (do not use in aircraft cabins), Utilities, Warehouses, Commercial and Industrial Buildings.

Cy-Kick CS is also labeled for most insect pests, including but not limited to: ants, bed bugs, bees, cockroaches, crickets, fleas, flies, hornets, mosquitos, silverfish, spiders, termites, ticks wasps, wood infesting borers, etc.

Superior Efficacy: With a virtual minefield of capsules, a Cy-Kick CS barrier is very challenging for insects to cross without exposing themselves to a lethal dose of insecticide. Exposure to the insecticide is enhanced because the capsules stay on the surface where they are applied. Insects crawl across the capsule barrier, inadvertently crushing capsules and causing an immediate exposure to the active insecticide. Insects will also unknowingly pick-up capsules that are later ingested during the grooming process or crushed and absorbed into the body. Exposure time required to receive a lethal dose is minimized because of the readily available microencapsulated insecticide.

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